Truck Hatch Opening Station – Atlas Sand Installation

Truck Hatch Opening Station at the Atlas Sand Texas facility

Truck Hatch Opening Station

Hatching stations and truck loading present a unique set of challenges and risks. Typically, loading requires three stops, opening truck hatches, bulk loading, and then inspecting and closing hatches prior to driving off.

Each time an operator climbs on top of the trailer or proppant container, the risk of human error increases. SafeRack loading gangways and safety cages protect your employees and truck operators. Our innovative offset safety cage is designed specifically for the cement and the frac sand industry, featuring flared and tapered rungs that give the lid a full range of motion while the equipment is in the working position.

The design also ensures that the gangway and cage won’t have any interference when the equipment is lowered on top of the truck. An added safety feature includes a lockdown device that allows workers to lift the gangway only when safely on the platform and while pressing the footlock assembly.

Designed to be used with both SFR and SAS gangways and can be offset to either the left or the right. And, like all SafeRack products, it’s built with safety and longevity in mind. The heavy-duty aluminum withstands whatever your job or Mother Nature can dish out.

Plus, the three rails on both ends, along with four rails at the hatch area, provide a sturdy and secure workspace. Additionally, its large, 4’x7’ handrail footprint allows workers the room they need to stay productive.

Truck Hatch Opening Station at the Atlas Sand facility in Texas

Atlas Sand provides the oil and gas industry access to the largest, highest quality frac sand reserves located in the heart of the most prolific resource plays of West Texas. Their logistical advantage as a local provider of sand will allow customers to lower well costs and remove the risk of delivery delays or cancellations associated with long-distance transportation.

Atlas has expansive reserves on both ends of the West Texas sand play with the large open Kermit Dune position to the north and the giant open Monahans Dune position to the south. This puts Atlas in the unique position of being better positioned to reach more wellheads throughout the Midland and Delaware Basins.

Atlas Sand has designed its state-of-the-art frac sand plants with redundancy and flexibility to greatly reduce nonproductive time allowing Atlas to reliably and consistently produce and deliver more sand to our customers with less stress on our equipment and employees.