Saudi Arabian Chevron Inc. Selects SafeRack’s YellowGates for Safety

As the only international energy company with a continuous presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the past 7 decades, Chevron works closely with Saudi Aramco, the national oil company and a number of partners in the region. When Saudi Chevron needed to improve workplace safety measures in their large chemical plant with hundreds of walkways and ladders above 1.2 meters, they called upon SafeRack. SafeRack Sales Rep Jon Verlander explains, “Anytime a facility has a workspace opening higher than 1.2 meters, a self-closing safety swing gate is required. YellowGate‘s safety gates are the perfect solution for these instances.”

Saudi Chevron has been utilizing SafeRack platform and gangway solutions for over 6 years. “Chevron Engineering made contact with our UK office initially. Once we realized it was for a facility in Saudi Arabia, we knew we could answer their technical questions and proceed with YellowGate as a solution easily,” says Verlander. Compliance with Chevron’s Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) was easy with YellowGate products and Saudi Chevron ordered 850 swing gates to get there.

Negotiations on pricing were handled with ease thanks to Graeme Murphy, VP of Business Development at SafeRack’s UK division. The YellowGate products were in stock and ready to ship, therefore SafeRack’s manufacturing and management team had no trouble fulfilling such a large order. “Chevron’s previous experience with our high-quality products and customized service made it easy for them to not be tempted by a less expensive, inferior product,” states Verlander. “ As a US-based company, I have a feeling they were happy to support another US-based manufacturer, even overseas.”

YellowGate products provide safety solutions for working environments with areas that are gated or use barriers or railings. Adjustable swing directions and universal mounting systems are just a few key features that make YellowGate products superior to other comparable products on the market today.