Platform Stairs And Handrails

Crossover Platforms

Custom Crossover Platform With Stairs

Application: Platform stairs And Hand Rails Installation for Zephyrhills Bottling Company

It’s always easier to crossover a production line than to duck under it which happens more times than it should. Offering custom platform steel stairs and handrails that provide a safe crossover point that does not interfere with plant production is always a good call.

Reduce injury potential and increase workplace OSHA compliance by addressing areas that could benefit from having a sturdy, reliable crossover point.

Using Saferack’s modular Erectastep system, crossovers can be installed with a minimum or even no production stoppage.

The 5 Erectastep components can be configured and placed where you need them most, and at any length or height level.

A worker can cross the production line without injury or potentially halting production. The crossover platforms can allow a worker to observe from a height for spot QA checks and functionality analysis at any production point. Shift changes, breaks, and worker substitutions can be done without halting production on the line.

The five components of the Erectastep system are manufactured with worker safety in mind to meet strict OSHA standards. The tower supports, handrails, guardrails, steps, ladders, and safety gates are all constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and steel that is made in the USA. The quality of the components is unrivaled.

This kind of reliable support leads to confident, safe, and rapid crossovers by all personnel. mlee