MaxRack Elevating Loading Safety Cage Platform

Custom Built Railcar Safety Cage With Elevating Rack

MaxRack Elevating Loading Safety Cage Platform

MaxRack LogoThe MaxRack Elevating Safety Cage in this photo is for railcar loading/unloading. Once installed, it offers your company two immediate benefits.

  • Faster car turnover. This productivity increase adds to the company’s bottom line.
  • Immediate Safety benefits and OSHA compliance.

The safety cage lowers to the tops of tank cars effortlessly and to the perfect height.

MAXRack elevating safety cage
MAXRack elevating safety cage

MaxRack Elevating Safety Cage

The new MaxRack powered elevating handrail system is the only elevating safety cage on the market that can be raised and lowed manually if your facility loses power or plant air. The unique counterbalanced cage design coupled with our exclusive dual input gearbox enables smooth operation as well as the ability for the operator to manually raise and lower the cage with ease in the event of a power loss.

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Create Worker Confidence With A MaxRack System

Once in position, the MaxRack safety cage provides workers a large, comfortable fall protection zone that allows them to get the job done with confidence.

Unloading tanker cars is tough work because not every tank car or cargo is the same. There are different types of ports, and many loads are often pressurized. Each task requires a confident, steady worker to get the job done in a fast amount of time.

  • MaxRack Safety Cages come in many standard configurations.
  • MaxRack systems are available for either railcar or truck tanks.
  • The Counterweighted design with either pneumatic or electric drives creates smooth, quiet dropdowns and raises.
  • MaxRack is made and supported with high strength galvanized steel.
  • MaxRack’s manual override system keeps your operation moving even during a power outage.

Find out today how a MaxRack system can speed up tank car operations and increase safety for your workers by implementing state of the art fall controls.

Call Saferack today and speak with a MaxRack specialist. – A specialist can show you how the best loading/unloading solutions in the market can be implemented in a short amount of time.

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