Tank Truck Loading Racks in a Tight Loading Area

Faced with the challenge of a tight loading area, SafeRack’s experts worked with Tyson in Perry, IA to come up with a unique solution to install two gangways with truck loading racks.

Tank truck loading racks Tyson Facility

Tank truck loading racks in a very tight area. Trucks back into loading spot

With limited space, SafeRack engineers upgraded Tyson’s loading and unloading area with access stairs and two side by side gangways, allowing two tank trunks to back into the loading area at one time. Each loading rack also includes OPW heat traced loading arms

Of course, worker safety is always a concern and the installation is OSHA compliant. Customer was very happy with the installation and it was a “Great improvement over the previous method for loading”.

SafeRack loading racks in a tight loading area