Elevating Safety Cages for Truck Loading Platform

Elevating Loading Racks

Elevating Loading Platform For Trucks

Elevating Safety Cages create safe working environments for workers who load and unload fuel and chemical tankers. The safety advantages that Safety Cage Systems provide for your workers may also benefit your company by creating quicker turnarounds of tank cars. Your workers move with confidence and stability on top of the tankers. While on the platform, they are on a stable non-slip surface surrounded by the best fall protection guardrails in the business.

The new MaxRack elevating handrail system is the only elevating safety cage on the market that can be raised and lowed manually if your facility loses power or plant air.

MaxRack has a unique counterbalanced cage design coupled with an exclusive dual input gearbox. The gearbox enables smooth operation of the elevation, and it gives the operator the ability to manually raise and lower the cage with ease in the event of a power loss.

SafeRack is very proud of the Elevated MaxRack System and all the adavantages it provides your workers and company.

-The system is supported by solid galvanized steel columns.
– The Elevated Carriage is also galvanized steel to add strength and fight corrosion
-There are many configurations to choose from
– If you ever need a replacement part we have them ready to ship
– The system is driven by an electric or pneumatic drive system
– Each system has a manual overide to raise and lower the platform. This means that your operation keeps rolling if the power goes down
– There are models for tanker trucks and railcars

SafeRack installs MaxRack systems for fuel and chemical companies who need to ensure OSHA compliance with a safe environment for all workers.

Unloading railroad cars and tanker trucks requires skill, confidence, and a very stable platform. The work platform in this photo gives workers the stability they need to load or unload a railroad tanker truck with confidence. This new confidence creates more production.

SafeRack confidently installs MaxRack systems worldwide. These elevated platform systems provide production benefits, safety benefits and peace of mind. Call Saferack today and speak with an elevated MaxRack system expert. We are ready to hear your ideas and questions about getting the best-elevated platform system for fuel and chemical unloading.