Track Mounted Gangways Installation

Track Mounted Gangways for tanker truck loading and unloading.

Track Mounted Gangways Installation

When loading or unloading tanker trucks or railroad tanker cars SafeRack Track mounted gangways give your workers the best safety advantage. The gangway slides horizontally to position a worker right where they need to be, above the cargo port of the tank. Not all tanker cars are made the same. Ports on various tankers are spaced differently. Your workers can position themselves correctly for smooth, safe loading and unloading operations.

Safety Cages and safe stairs give your workers a safe zone for working.

The Safety Cage gives your crew exceptional fall protection. The solid metal guardrails surround your workers, allowing them to move freely within the fall protection space.

Quality engineering, Quality Materials, Quality Manufacturing, and Quality Installation make all the difference.

Gangway safety starts at the support towers. The support towers are a thick industrial-grade metal that is fixed solidly to the deck. The stairs going up to the platform can be customized to different widths to accommodate multiple workers. The platforms are roomy, safe, and loaded with the above-average height metal guardrails that made Saferack famous. The stairs, towers, and platforms are all OSHA compliant.

SafeRack helps to keep your workers safe and on the job.

Design a gangway platform to any length that your company needs. Multiple cages can be added to address tankers with multiple ports by more than one worker at a time.

Saferack can also retrofit an existing gangway by adding modern safety elements like pneumatic safety cages.

SafeRack can custom fabricate truck and railcar gangways in various heights using solid industrial-grade metal. Saferack gangways are customized for your setting, whether it is indoor, outdoor, or in a marine environment.

Several benefits of an aluminum truck and railcar gangway include:

-Durability and more corrosion resistant.
-Easier maintenance requirements.
-Easy to Customize to your exact needs.
-One Call Gets Your Project Moving Today!

Saferack is ready today to begin working on the customized Track Mounted Gangway your company needs to increase safety, productivity, and to decrease loading turnaround time. These benefits to your companies bottom line begin with just a call to Saferack. Our team will then get your project moving forward. Your Gangways will be finished the way you need them to be, and we are with you until that happens.