Tall Oil, Loading, and Installation.

Although no two Tall Oil Loading solutions will be identical, the product itself determines much of the critical design criteria that will ensure that optimum safety and productivity can work together in harmony. 

Crude Tall Oil (CTO), also referred to as “liquid rosin” or tallol, is a viscous yellowish-black odorous liquid. It’s a by-product of the Kraft process of wood pulp manufacturing after being separated from the black liquor sulfate. Tall oil extraction consists mainly of 15% – 35% rosin acids and 30% – 50% fatty acids and 30% – 50% pitch, a bioliquid used for energy generation and also as an intermediary in the chemical industry.

In Canada, most crude tall oil is incinerated as fuel in the lime kilns of pulp mills to displace the burning of fossil fuels. However in the South Eastern United States, tall oil facilities fractionate the crude tall oil into value-added components. These include converting both the fatty and rosin acids into a feedstock for green diesel fuel.

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