Defense Industry Replaces Temporary Scaffolding

A defense company had recently built an addition to their facility and installed equipment for a new manufacturing process they were adopting. The concrete infrastructure was poured and temporary scaffolding was being used to supervise new equipment installation and conduct equipment startup and operation. That said, the customer needed a permanent work platform to replace the temporary scaffolding that was being used. And the platform needed to be built within the existing concrete footprint.

While this defense company started receiving quotes from local steel fabricators another company brought to their attention ErectaStep, and the modular solution that they could offer. (Read about the benefits of Modular Stairs)

The defense company was impressed with ErectaStep’s offering – lightweight, easy-to-install, and able to be modified to meet their exact requirements. They were immediately sold.

ErectaStep met with the defense company and put together a custom solution to fit their needs. The ErectaStep team delivered a large, customized ErectaStep work platform to meet the customer’s challenging requirements. Some of the components of the platform system included:

  • The modified tower supports to meet specific platform Top of Walk Surface, and to accommodate customers sloped concrete floor.
  • Customized platform dimensions to meet customer’s facility footprint and customer’s desired tolerance between platform, existing concrete walls, and clearance for rotating equipment to move over the platform walk surface.
  • Modified platform walking surface (provided solid, diamond-tread surface to avoid metal shavings/scrap from falling through to concrete floor).
  • Provided removable hatches to access concrete floor underneath the platform.
  • Modified platform surface at end of the platform to allow metal chips/shavings and machine coolant to drain into recycling equipment/briquetter.

The customer was very pleased with the results. They selected the modified work platform solution for several reasons. Two of the top reasons being that ErectaStep’s overall total cost of ownership was the lowest compared to all other bids, as well as, the implementation and set up time was faster.

The ErectaStep work platform system also incorporated all requirements needed to satisfy internal Plant Engineering, Production, Operations, and Maintenance teams.

ErectaStep – The Rental Scaffolding Alternative

Finally, the platform system was delivered in lightweight, easy-to-install components, and the work platform was installed in just one (1) day. Both the defense company and ErectaStep couldn’t have been happier with the project outcome.


Replacing temporary scaffolding systems with an MP Series RollaStep saved the customer $18,000 in the first year AND improved maintenance efficiencies with OSHA compliance for improved worker safety.

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