Access Ladder and Platform for Diesel Fuel Tank

Banks Industrial Group, A storage tank insulation company, wanted to improve the access stairs to a diesel tank, which was in a very small space and difficult to find an OSHA approved solution that would fit in the area. As you can see from the image, a simple handmade wood stairway was in place, but wasn’t ideal and didn’t fully meet OSHA compliance. the ErectaStep Ladder and Work platform solution installed in under a day, used less space and required no special tools or engineering.

Diesel Fuel Tank Access Ladder

The ErectaStep team installed the ErectaStep equipment safely and efficiently and met the exact needs of their customer.

The robust aluminum handrails of the ErectaStep system certainly were sturdier than the wooden handrails previously being used. And the plywood that was used as their deck was replaced with a large ErectaStep platform. Because the space to access the Diesel Fuel Tank was too small for stairs, a ladder was used to replace the homemade wooden stairs. Finally, the ErectaStep team installed a Yellowgate Safety Gate ensuring the safety of the company’s employees as they were accessing the tank. The ErectaStep solution was OSHA complaint and improved the workspace, taking up less room… and more importantly, it helped employees avoid falls and potential injuries, ultimately making the process both safer and more efficient.

ErectaStep’s Prefabricated Access Ladder and Platform for Diesel Fuel Tanks

ErectaStep’s line of work and maintenance access platforms feature modular, lightweight aluminum components that are as easy to reconfigure as they are to assemble.

Installation only takes a few hours and requires little more than a wrench. That means no boom truck or heavy crane. Most installations take little more than a hand truck and two installers.

Plus, our team of experienced professionals supports you from start to finish. We visit your site to identify goals and challenges to ensure the job is done right. And because we utilize a state-of-the-art custom configurator tool, you’re able to view accurate quotes and detailed drawings in minutes… letting you see exactly what your project will look like once it’s installed.