Custom Application Work Platforms

Custom Installation Of Metal Stairs and Work Platforms

Customized Metal Stair Aviation Configuration

Custom application work platforms are a snap when the Erectastep Modular system is used. The Erectastep components can be configured and adjusted to meet the size, shape, and multi-levels of any project. This custom installation required multi-levels to allow comfortable and safe access for workers who needed to stand, lay down and kneel to access work points.

Erectastep components are easily manipulated and placed to provide OSHA compliant, stable platforms to make workers, safe, confident and productive. As a project progresses and work areas vary the ErectaStep system can be changed easily to meet the needs.

The Erectastep handrails, safety gates, steps, and platforms are solidly constructed in the USA to meet and maintain OSHA standards. The stability that Erectastep produces creates a safe, stable platform for all crewmembers. mlee

Application: High and Low custom platform for space capsule.

Sales Rep: Bryce Jordan