Work Platform With Metal Stairs

10 Step Safety Stair with Platform

Metal Work Platform With Metal Stairs

This installation clearly showcases the quality and ease of installation that the ErectaStep system offers. Installing a metal work platform with metal stairs has never been easier. The 5 piece modular system is configurable to any height or width and it snaps together easily to create perfect installations. The towering portion of the platform can be constructed to raise or lower the platform to your exact requirements. Rigid cross supporting adds to a very stable platform. The platform itself is industrial grade heavy gauge aluminum with a permanent non-slip surface. The ten stairs in this photo are built to withstand constant heavy loads, and the heavy gauge aluminum has non slip elements built into them. This platform withstands whatever the elements throw at it. The ANSI yellow guardrails, handrails, and gates will stay a vibrant yellow for years, due to a “no shortcut” powder coating paint job. Fading, scratching and gouging are held to a minimum.

Ease of installation, quality materials, and OSHA compliance add up to project peace of mind. Whether installing a new platform or replacing an old platform Using ErectaStep is a proactive safety step. – mlee