SafeRack helps Eco-Services Update Acid Railcar Loading Platforms

Rhodia company, now known as Eco-services, was in need of upgrading their old, antiquated acid railcar loading platforms to one updated continuous platform for loading railcars. They knew that SafeRack was right for the task due to their reliable safety systems in bulk chemical loading. This project started back in 2011-2012, but took time due to the delicacy that came with this operation. 

SafeRack slowly dismantled their existing platforms with careful precision taking into consideration that Eco-Services had three overhead perpendicular pipe racks that were feeding the acid railcars.

Due to the challenges of loading acid, Eco-Services requested fiberglass walk surfaces on both the platform and gangways that SafeRack was providing as well as rise over run stairs and pipe handrails. But not to worry, SafeRack was up to the challenge of satisfying the customer. The challenge was integrating their existing perpendicular pipe racks to SafeRack’s long canopy platform system without disrupting their product pipe header and shutting the loading process down for an extended period of time.

When it came time for installation, SafeRack staggered their flatbed deliveries so that the tower/canopy supports were erected first.

This enabled customers to support or tie-in existing pipe headers immediately after tearing down the old pedestal platform system which minimized product loading downtime.

SafeRack’s design also included tower supports to be able to support future canopies, which they have done.

After a successful completion of phase 1, they decided to move forward with phase 2, as well as, phase 3 simultaneously. This was able to be done because of SafeRack’s modular bolt-up platform construction. With SafeRack being a full-service project integrator, Eco-Services also chose three EMCO Wheaton downfeed stainless steel loading arms. It’s safe to say that SafeRack and Eco-Services were pleased with the products and with working together to find a safe and efficient upgrade for acid railcar loading platforms. See more of why customers choose SafeRack.