Power Plant maintenance access platform – Scaffolding Rental Replacement

Many times power plants rent scaffolding for routine maintenance. Renting or leasing for semi-permanent or longer-term applications has many disadvantages and some are just downright UNSAFE if not installed correctly. Not the least of which is that scaffolding must be reinspected and re-certified on a regular basis. Sometimes creating timely delays and costly fines if not performed on time.

Power Plant maintenance access platform - Scaffolding Rental Replacement

ErectaStep patented design is prefabricated, only requiring a few hours with little more than a wrench. Because we utilize a state-of-the-art configurator tool, you’re able to view accurate quotes and custom detailed drawings in minutes and provide a better alternative to all types of semi-permanent to permanent scaffolding. When comparing the two types of access platforms – rental versus ErectaStep – it is ErectaStep’s solutions that can be more effective in many industrial, power plant or warehouse and distribution center applications.

The Hazards and Downfalls of Scaffolding

  • More prone to corrosion, rust, and decay
  • Cannot easily reach areas without having multiple support columns
  • Fastener joints can easily loosen or break
  • Large and unsafe gaps in handrails
  • Many components and pieces needed to build even a simple platform