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Field Testing

The SafeRack GX Series Gangway for Fuel Loading is the result of thousands of hours of behind the scene events.

1. SafeRack consulted with users of all kinds of industrial gangways all over the country. They filmed and identified the multiple problems that users encounter every day when they use run of the mill gangways. Some of the common problems include… Stairs that separate from the casings, improper installation issues, breakage due to corrosion, difficulties when raising or lowering the gangway. All of these issues reduce the level of safety for your workforce as workers wrestle and struggle with sticky broken platforms that may wobble.

2. SafeRack listened to aluminum gangway users as they explained what works, and what does not work when it comes to aluminum gangways that need to provide a safe working environment.

3. SafeRack looked at the whole problem and went to a clean drawing board. We used the collected input from aluminum gangway users and the experience gained from 20 years of designing and manufacturing state of the art metal products. By doing this, SafeRack developed a better set of aluminum gangway stairs for fuel loading.


What SafeRack learned from listening to actual users of aluminum gangways will benefit your company.

No two installations are exactly alike – Every installation presents a different set of circumstances that have to be evaluated and worked. SafeRack will work with you to make sure that your metal gangway and fuel loading platform will fit, and meet your expectations.

Superior Engineering and high-quality components are a winning formula- What SafeRack learned from users caused us to evaluate our products as well as our competitor’s products. We saw and tested, and learned what works, what does not work, and what works for a short time. We evaluated and retooled, and tested, then tested some more until we came up with solutions to a whole range of common problems. Superior components make a huge difference. What we learned is beneficial to your company and your workers.

Let’s start with platform width – Our gangway stairs can be made in any width you need for your facility. The fall protection safety cages can also be constructed to accommodate any width. Remember – No two installations are the same, and your company should not settle for “off the shelf” when it comes to worker safety.

We have created a more solid-state product. Using modern manufacturing techniques, SafeRack has significantly reduced the number of areas that require welding on our aluminum gangways. This manufacturing step reduces the number of areas where stress fractures can form. Stress fractures result from wear and tear. A product that has fewer welding points will serve your company longer.

SafeRack cares about building the best products that will be used by your workers. We spend thousands of hours developing, testing and fine-tuning our products. Your company receives a durable product, made to exacting standards, and ready to serve your company for years.

We have learned that listening to our thousands of customers who are on the frontlines with our products is a good policy. The commitment by SafeRack to quality and your company does not end.