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Flammable Storage Cabinets EPA Compliant


OSHA and the EPA mandate that every company that stores fuel or chemicals in flammable storage cabinets or transports fuel or chemicals must have an adequate plan and the proper equipment to address accidental spillage. Failure to comply with EPA and OSHA spill containment rules could result in fines that can accrue on a daily basis until the problem is settled with an approved OSHA abatement.  It is good to be proactive about the possibility of a spill by having an adequate amount of spill containment products on hand if a spill should happen.

When it comes to the EPA and spill containment, Time truly is Money.  Failure to properly contain an accidental spill can cause EPA fines to accrue on a daily basis until an approved abatement is approved.  These fines in many cases are thousands of dollars.

Taking an inventory of your spill supplies should be a standard section of every safety audit that is conducted and your company should be stocked with a more than adequate amount of emergency spill containment supplies.  Being proactive is the only way to go.

SafeRack has the spill containment and hazard containment supplies your company needs to address any accident.

Here are some suggestions…

Spill Containment Pallets are a great way to address mandated EPA requirements if your company stores fuel oil or chemicals in drums.  These pallets keep 55-gallon drums off the deck and they are designed to contain accidental spills with built-in spill containment trays.  The EPA requires safety measures to be in place to contain 10% of the total amount of fuel stored.  These spill containment pallets handle these requirements for up to four drums. 

Portable Spill Containment Berms can be put in place when a spill or leak is happening.  Portable berms come in many sizes and they enable containment up to any size tank.  These berms have sidewalls that hold leaked fluids in place.  Disposal is a snap one you are able to contain the leakage.

Railroad Spill Containment is an important function in fuel and chemical transfer depots.  The transfer of fuels and chemicals in a busy depot can cause accidental discharges on a daily basis.  The mainline of spill containment in railroad yards are railroad track pans that are placed under railcars within the tracks.  These pans are designed to contain large amounts of liquid.  The pans can be drained for easy disposal.  Railroad containment items are made from either steel or polyethylene.  Polyethylene track pans are better for chemical transfers.

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Metal Storage Cabinets are an important component of any companies spill containment plan.  Every hazardous or flammable liquid needs to be contained or stored properly and metal storage cabinets can meet the EPA requirements.  Modern steel cabinets are made of heavy gauge steel that has flexible shelving options and the ability to be locked.  These cabinets are designed to withstand the outdoor weather elements.

Portable Drum Spill Containment units are easy to place wherever they are needed for your plant. Portable Units hold 1 or 2 standard 55-gallon drums and have the capacity to contain the EPA minimums in case of a spill.  These units offer instant EPA compliance if your company stores just a few drums.

Outdoor Storage Cabinets are an important element to consider when choosing a metal storage cabinet or an outdoor storage cabinet.  The level of protection as dictated by the EPA and OSHA is based on the thickness of the material used to construct the Flammable Storage Cabinet.  The heavier the gauge of the metal used is the determinant.  The best flammable storage cabinets offer compliance with EPA regulations, safety for your employees and unmatched security.  Saferack can guide you to the perfect flammable storage cabinets.

The handling and storage of flammable materials are regulated by a complex system of rules and regulations that must be adhered to.  SafeRack knows and understands the ins and outs of what is required for fuel and chemical handling in depots.  Saferack has been guiding companies like yours for over 20 years about handling and storage solutions for flammable products.  Avoid the chance of fines that can accumulate.  Give SafeRack a call today and let us help you.