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Maintenance Inspections for Gangway and Loading Platforms

What are your certifications and insurance does SafeRack have for coming in our plant?

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A solid maintenance plan begins with a good thorough inspection of the gangway equipment in service. An annual inspection of your access gangway is crucial to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly and is providing maximum safety as it was designed. SafeRack in partnership with our sister company, SafeRack Construction Services, offers an annual gangway safety maintenance inspection as part of our followup service for your SafeRack G4 Gangways.

SafeRack manufacturers training, 3RD party vendor training for lifeline systems, National recognized Mid-Atlantic safety certification. SafeRack has full liability and workman’s comp for SCS personnel. SCS will also entertain matching customer requirements should our standard not be adequate for site entry.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your inspection hours onsite?
Monday through Friday, 7 am to 7 pm. Weekends at the time and a half plus any incurred expenses. If the customer requires more than 30 minutes per site-specific safety training session, an additional cost will be incurred by the customer.

How long does it take to inspect a gangway?
On average it takes between 30-45 minutes to inspect one gangway unit, depending on manual or pneumatic operations and access to site.

What equipment do I need to supply SafeRack?
Depending on your facilities SOP, a man lift with operator, preferably a snorkel lift. SCS may provide full body harness but some customers SOP require use of customer provided full body harness.

SCS, LLC provides standard PPE to include hard hat, steel toe boots with heel, FRP outer layer with long sleeves, gloves, safety glasses and hearing protection. any additional PPE is at cost plus 20%. Any additional cost for specialty PPE is incurred by customer.


What safety record do you have?
Our EMR is currently around .86 and PRIP is currently .00. This may vary throughout the year due to incident/accident/injury reporting and arbitrary assessments occurring from reporting entities

What are the common findings during the inspection process?
Damage due to misuse, accelerated wear due to lack of preventative maintenance, damage due to drive off without properly storing/retracting equipment. Replacement parts vary from nuts and bolts to complete replacement recommendations.

What happens if you come up with parts that need replacing?
Customer orders parts based on written analysis/replacement parts recommendation provided by SCS. Customers may schedule return visit at additional cost for SCS technicians. Customer may also install replacement parts and call for follow up inspection at additional cost.

Should there be a work stoppage during inspection for any reason customer will incur cost of full day per contract or PO.
Should there be a work stoppage during inspection for any reason customer will incur cost of full day per contract or PO.