Asphaltic Coating

Asphaltic Coatings are products derived and refined from mined asphalt. These coatings were as tank corrosion protection.

A layer of asphaltic coating placed on the bottoms of tanks added protection from errant groundwater.

The Environmental Protection Agency deemed Asphalt coatings to be unsafe for the environment. Asphaltic coatings are not used for tank protection any longer.

Asphalt coupled with a cathodic protection system for fuel tanks was the standard.  The EPA discovered that asphaltic coatings were not good for the environment and tank corrosion protection.

Underground fuel tanks that had an asphaltic coating in the past may be subject to mandated soil remediation as they naturally come offline due to age.  Tank Corrosion Protection is vital due to the natural occurrence of rising groundwaters.  It is vital to stop oxidation and corrosion of underground storage tanks to protect against eventual leaks.

The current state of the art in tank protection is a good cathodic protection system.  Here is a good overview of how cathodic systems are implemented.

Source: Wikipedia – Cathodic Systems

Tanks with tank corrosion protection
Tanks with tank corrosion protection

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