One of the clean energy initiatives being implemented worldwide is the use of autogas. Municipalities are installing above-ground storage tanks in their fleet yards, with all the safety measures. to switch their vehicles to run off of autogas.

So, what is autogas?

In fact, Autogas is an LPG, liquified petroleum gas, used in internal combustion engines.  It is a mixture of propane and butane.  Generally, autogas is maintained inside above ground storage tanks with loading platforms, though there are underground systems as well.

According to the Butane Propane News, there were over 13,000 vehicles that run off of autogas sold in 2017.

Converting city-owned vehicles to LPG can affect the budget in positive ways due to the lower costs of LPG.

In other words, if the city uses vehicles like buses, emergency response vehicles, and public works vehicles the savings each year could be considerable.

It is important to realize that autogas burns cleanly, in fact. it is a truly green alternative fuel.

Things to consider if you are thinking about converting to LPG and Installing above ground storage tanks.

Whether converting older vehicles from gasoline to LPG or adding new LPG vehicles to the fleet, there are steps to consider, in particular…

  1.  Planning for the installation of above-ground storage tanks for autogas. Local LPG dealers may have an incentive program that would eliminate some or all of the installation costs for above ground storage tanks.  In addition, it is easy to find a local LPG Dealer here.  Saferack can help with any safety concerns.
  2. Make sure that your tank area is compliant with Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. In fact, your local LPG Dealer can assist you with that.
  3. Make sure that your above ground storage tank and refueling areas are OSHA compliant for your workers. Saferack can expertly assist you with the right equipment to keep your company compliant. If you already have below-ground storage tanks for fleet fueling Saferack can design a safety solution for you that integrates your current initiative with your new direction.

Above Ground Storage Tanks