Automotive Lift

Automotive lifts are hoisting platforms. That allows service access from the underside of a vehicle.   If your company maintains a vehicle fleet, then fleet safety equipment near lifts should be part of your shop concerns.

Automotive lifts are used in commercial/industrial settings to maintain vehicles.  Lifts are powered hydraulically, electrically, or by compressed air.  For this reason, there are areas in a shop that will house an air compressor, hydraulic fluid, or electrical generators where work platforms and stairs are needed.

OSHA has very specific guidelines for maintaining worker safety around automotive lifts, and the maintenance shop in general.

If your company maintains a fleet of vehicles, your fleet safety equipment should be current with the latest OSHA standards.

Inspectors in Fleet Vehicle shops look for items that will generate a fine for the shop.  An OSHA Inspector’s criteria are focused on the safety of the employee.   Assume that OSHA will look for…

  • Any imminent dangers to workers.”Are there physical situations that can be expected to cause accidental death or harm to an employee?”

Why not make your fleet shop compliant by keeping worker safety up to date with modern fleet safety equipment like brake sticks that meets the current OSHA requirements?

Saferack can do an audit of your current safety initiatives and then make recommendations on how to rectify issues that may cost your company money.

Fleet Vehicle Lift
Fleet Vehicle Lift