Oil tank ballast


Oil tank ballast
oil tank backfill ballast

Ballast in the fuel storage industry has to do with the weight of the backfill used around storage tanks.  The proper backfill weight around a storage tank keeps the tank stable and unaffected if groundwater rises. 

In rail and railcars, ballast refers to the crushed rock used under the railroad tracks that act as support and cushioning

A common reference and application of ballast are added weight to an aircraft or ship to maintain an even weight laterally and from the stern to the aft and in the application of a ship is the added weight is seawater. 

The Environmental Protection Agency has stringent guidelines about the type of backfill that can be used around fuel storage tanks. The added weight around a fuel tank is important and the EPA guidelines should be adhered to.

Ballasting – crushed rock used under the railroad tracks – Learn more about railroad construction

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