Bobtail Truck

A type of tanker truck that has the faucets and connectors for dispensing in a rear or side compartment that enables the tank portion to be shortened. The load it can carry is smaller but it allows versatility during community deliveries and is more economical to run than large tanker trucks.

You see them on the road, bringing fuel oil or propane to homes.  Bobtail trucks usually haul fuel that has been on a long journey the last mile.  Propane or fuel oil is delivered to a consumer’s home.  The driver exits the truck and pulls the nozzle and hose to either a propane tank or a fuel port that is attached to the home.  The fuel is then metered and dispensed and the customer gets billed accordingly.

Bobtail Truck
Bobtail Truck – rear view

For most deliveries, a Bobtail Truck is the one that covers the last mile bringing fuel to a consumer’s home.

Bobtail trucks are the most versatile propane delivery trucks. Most of them carry between 750 and 7000 gallons of fuel.   To drive a truck the size of a Bobtail, you need to become a tanker driver, you must first complete a high school diploma or GED certificate. Many bobtail truck drivers then enroll in a commercial driver’s license training program (CDL) to gain the knowledge and skills needed for this job.