Diesel Exhaust Fluid Test

Diesel Fuel should be checked regularly for contaminants that regularly get into the fuel. The Diesel Exhaust Fluid Test

  • It is important to keep Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) free of contamination.
  • Contamination can shorten the life of, or damage, the SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction)

Diesel fuel in a storage tank is a feast to many forms of micro-organisms. These bacteria and fungi live in water and feed off hydrocarbons found in diesel fuel.

Their living and dead bodies are contaminants to diesel. Any opening, whether it is the fill port, ventilation port, or hole caused by damage, is an easy, direct path for contaminants to enter the diesel fuel.

Any broken caps, seals, or gaskets are also opportunities for contamination.

Bad diesel fuel can have costly effects on diesel engines.

The DEF Fuel test is simple, on-the-spot,  for verifying the quality of diesel.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Test
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Test