Dry bulk bags

You may know these as bulk bags or super sacks, jumbo bags, or totes. These can be fabricated from flat interwoven or round woven cloths and can be especially uncoated or coated depending on its purpose. These are transported using aptly-designed loading platforms, forklift loading ramps, and custom work platforms for manufacturers to deliver their goods safely and reach their intended customers.

Also known as flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), these sacks will often hold non-hazardous, dry, free-flowing stocks weighing up to 1,996 kilograms. Or, hazardous dry products that tip the scales at a maximum of 1,000 pounds. Often, these containers are fitted with liners that inhibit dampness that can affect the integrity of the product and avoid possible contamination.

Hydraulic Flatbed Truck Platform
This Coastal Chemical installation in Houston Texas is for tying down and tarping dry bulk bags or super sacks on flatbed trailers.