Fall Prevention Anchors

Anchorage systems (or fall prevention anchors) rein a person’s safety while they’re working on elevated work surfaces. OSHA Standard Number 1910.140 identifies it as the secure attachment point for lifeline cable, lanyards, and deceleration devices. A worker may be easily extracted from their elevated location using these anchoring devices in the event of an emergency or any drastic life-threatening situations that may occur without warning.

Protection against falls for workers is a great policy.

Fall Protection Anchor
Fall protection on a Gangway

OSHA 1910.140(c)(12) underscores that the best anchors should be ‘independent’ or that these don’t rely on anything to keep them in place. These need not be attached directly to the work platform itself, which is one of many pieces of equipment used for work and may also include a tanker truck or any mobile access platforms. These anchoring points must only move when they’re all supposed to — and that, you can trust this system to do its job!