MSDS Sheets – OSHA Term

OSHA Notification Sign

OSHA MSDS sheets (Material Safety Data Sheets) are documents that provide workers the proper procedures for handling substances that are in the workplace that may be hazardous. They also act as a mechanism to inform anyone who cares to know which hazardous substances may be on the premises. These OSHA sheets are mandated and having them available for worker review is also mandated.  Copies of MSDS information sheets must also be provided to local fire departments.  This is important for spill containment reasons.
MSDS Binder and wall hanger

These informative sheets are usually kept in binders that are placed in accessible areas where workers can review them.  The sheets detail any potentially hazardous substances that are used on the premises.  These substances can be cleaning solvents, chemicals used in manufacturing, chemical compounds,  fuels, etc.  Most worksites have something on the premises that need to be disclosed to stay in compliance. OSHA MSDS sheets are informative and they detail items that workers should be aware of.


OSHA MSDS Sheets are placed in locations where anyone can access them.


Each sheet lists a substance and then lists known precautions that should be taken by personnel when handling the material.  There are also warnings about potential health hazards that the substance may be known to be associated with.

These are the main reasons that these sheets must be present at each workplace.

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