Oil and Gas Extraction – OSHA Term

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Oil and gas workers are in an industry where workplace injuries can occur with great frequency. Health hazards and dangerous work conditions at oil wells can result in serious injury or worse. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) the leading causes of injury or fatality at Oil and Gas well sites are by

  • Accidents involving vehicles
  • Being struck by an object.
  • Being Caught in a space between objects.
  • Fires and Explosions
  • Trips and Falls
  • Confined Spaces
  • Chemical Exposure

Situational Awareness and Safe Practices are key for Oil Well Safety.

OSHA mandates that employers must protect the safety and health of workers involved in oil and gas operations according to regulations to avoid environmental disasters in an industrial setting. Therefore these regulations should be understood.

oil well pumps

Addressing Safety Concerns is the responsibility of a Drilling Superintendent and the Toolpusher on a well site.  Corporate oversite may apply to occasional safety audits, but proactive observation of operations and daily site safety improvements can reduce the risk of accidents in this dangerous profession.

  • Ensure that precautions are in place when vehicles and specialized equipment is onsite.  Loud noise and moving vehicles are a mix that needs caution.  Teaching workers to always have great situational awareness is a good step.  Modern distractions for both drivers and pedestrians are cell phones, tablets, and laptops.  A pedestrian should make an extra effort to always be aware at a wellhead.
  • Use the standard precautions when entering a confined space.  Never go into a confined space without any attendant monitoring the situation.  Wear proper chemical protection gear, and use air assist when necessary.
  • Tread with care to avoid, trips, and falls.  Use adequate fall protection when working from any height above ground level.
  • Situational awareness is key to avoid being struck by a moving object.

To Summarize, you must accept the fact that oil well sites are dangerous and that you must never become complacent about safety. Situational awareness and following good safety protocols will give your company the edge it needs.

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