Other 2-Axle 4-Tire Vehicles (Truck)

Includes vans, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles.

Defined by the Federal Highway Administration:

All two-axle, four-tire, vehicles, other than passenger cars. Included in this classification are pickups, panels, vans, and other vehicles such as campers, motor homes, ambulances, hearses, carryalls, and minibuses. Other two-axle, four-tire single-unit vehicles pulling recreational or other light trailers are included in this classification. Because automatic vehicle classifiers have difficulty distinguishing class 3 from class 2, these two classes may be combined into class 2.

FHWA vehicle classification

On the other hand, tank trucks are classified as Heavy Duty Class 7 to 8 vehicles. Tank containers, which normally take loads of fossil fuel at bulk terminals and hold them in retail or other warehousing stations, are the most recognized means of delivering petroleum products. Tank trucks can carry fuel from 7,500 to 8,500 gallons.