Performance Degradation

PERFORMANCE DEGRADATION. Failure or degradation of a facility, process, system, or component that reduces the reliability of critical components of the facility whose loss or degradation prevents the system from performing its intended function. Performance degradation does not include:

(1) A burned-out power indicator light on a piece of radiation monitoring equipment which does not prevent the equipment from detecting elevated radiation levels and alarming as designed;

(2) A piece of equipment that is determined to be out of calibration on the conservative side (such as a low-level alarm that alarms at a higher value than it should); or

(3) the temporary loss of a component where identical redundant components are maintained in operation and the minimum authorization bases are not compromised. Youc can learn more whe you know the US DOE Performance Degradation key parameters.

A Breakdown in a process component.

Performance Degradation
Performance Degradation is a process breakdown