Safety Stand-Down – OSHA Term

OSHA Notification SignSafety Stand-Downs

Worker falls from elevations were again the leading cause of worker death in the Construction Industry in 2017.

In 2017, 38% of 971 construction industry fatalities were attributed to falls from elevated heights. – Source: Bureau Of Labor Statistics

In 2017 38% of construction industry deaths were fall-related.

Construction Industry Organizations and U.S. Government Agencies believe that all of the fall-related deaths were preventable.

Each year most companies engage in a voluntary Safety Stand-Down to emphasize best innovations for fall protection. Work stops for an hour or two so that Employers can speak with workers about Fall Hazards and other safety concerns.

A Stand Down is a productive time that is used to train employees about Best Safety Practices and to encourage workers to speak up about any safety issues that they are aware of.

Safety Stand-Downs happen nationwide in just about every industry, including each branch of the U.S. Military.

OSHA partners with manufacturing and construction industry organizations each year to have co-ordinated Safety Stand-Downs, usually in May each year.

All companies are encouraged to participate in this practice with their employees. Safety Stand-Downs is a very good proactive approach to uncovering safety sore spots from your employees.

OSHA, Industry Organizations, and Saferack are concerned about fall hazards. Keeping your workers safe has been our main priority for over 20 years. Call SafeRack today about your companies Safety Stand-Down and how we can make your company safer from work hazards.