Work Control Document

WORK CONTROL DOCUMENT. A procedural document used by facility personnel to perform activities such as maintenance, inspections, testing, or other work. SOURCE: Department Of Energy

The work control document is a request for something to be done.

Work Document
Work Request Document

The standard ISO 9001:2008 offers a sensible response to the question of how to manage it. The 1st sentence of section 4.2.3 on document control reads: “All documents that are required to be managed under the quality management system.” It means that if a document discusses or concerns any of the problems under ISO 9001, it must be monitored. Here are a few questions to ask if when checking a work control document:

  • Is the document directing the organization’s manufacturing of the products (i.e., goods or services)?
  • Does it direct the organization’s product verification, inspection, or testing?
  • Are consumer and product requirements specified in the document?
  • Is this document used for process control?
  • Does production staff use this work control information to make decisions?
  • Is the document used to gather the information that can later be used in decision making under the management system (for example, a form)?
  • Is the record information so important for the company or its clients that a failure to update it poses a risk?
  • Is there a requirement from ISO 9001 discussed or relevant to the document?