Access Gangways – Marine, Truck and Train

SafeRack’s patented access gangways and loading rack systems and equipment are designed for maximum safety, ergonomics, productivity and lower maintenance.

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The #1 Selling Aluminum Gangways in North America.

SafeRack Gangway Product Line

Loading Rack Gangway Designed for Enhanced Safety and Reliability.


  • Consultative Approach – Our preference is to visit your site in person, to develop a system that’s right for you
  • Expedited Access Gangway Delivery – Quick order processing, readily available replacement parts and fast delivery
  • Highly Engineered Access Gangways – Advanced, innovative designs are proven in the field to be easy to use and provide better ergonomics
  • Quality Manufacturing – Proudly made in the USA
  • Precision Built Access Gangway- Our aluminum access gangways use fewer parts and fewer welds result in stronger, longer-lasting solutions that require less maintenance
  • Specialized Applications – Specialty gangways and cages are ideal for the cement and frac sand industries

Truck Loading Access Gangways

We understand that loading tanker and hopper trucks can be challenging because they come in a variety sizes, and configurations necessitating versatile offloading solutions. SafeRack truck access gangways are engineered to articulate and self-level, adjusting to varying vehicle heights. Leveraging a unique spring counterbalance system allows our gangways to be repositioned with minimal effort. With optional features like the offset safety cage, and the SafeLok gangway safety lockdown system, SafeRack offers a wide variety of innovative solutions to help your truck loading facility safer and more efficient than ever before.

Marine Aluminum Gangways

Purposefully Built, Reliably Safe, and Made in the USA
SafeRack’s barge access and ship access gangways are advanced, corrosion-resistant marine gangways that are designed for OHSA-compliant worker safety. Can be customized to your required length and specifications. And they’re built to last, too. Available in sizes up to 50′ in length and 5′ in width.

  • Gangways can be fixed to a static structure or to a mobile platform.
  • Stand-alone gangways can be put into place when necessary, and then picked up and stored on the dock or vessel when not needed

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Self-Adjusting Stairs (SAS-Series) Marine Gangways
Available in lengths from 5 to 24 feet, the MarinaStep Self-Adjusting Stair Gangway (SAS) marine gangway is a perfect solution to reach both short and intermediate distances, providing a slip-resistant and level step for users along the entire length of the gangway.

Stage (SG-Series) Marine Gangways
Our SG series aluminum gangways for barge and ship access use a rugged U-body construction to provide a live load capacity of 750 pounds and can be custom constructed to accommodate even higher load capacities.

Truss (TG-Series) Marine Gangways
Our rugged U-body construction provides a standard live load capacity of 750 pounds and can be custom constructed to accommodate even higher load capacities. Additionally, you can choose from four different walk surfaces to improve your footing when operating at steeper angles.

Railcar Loading Gangways

Unload railcars quickly and safely.
SafeRack railcar loading and unloading platforms and gangways offer unparalleled flexibility and versatility. The G4 Series of railcar gangways have been engineered to provide the safety you need and the adjustability and ergonomics you want to turn over railcars as efficiently as possible.

Decades of railcar offloading protection experience.
Having built one of the first crude oil railcar loading systems, SafeRack has been a fall protection industry leader since day one. Let our experts help improve the safety of your railcar loading and unloading site.


frt gangway features
Popular for railcar applications, our Flat Ramp Telescoping gangways extend to increase safety and access. With rugged, oversized parts the access gangways are built to stand up to years of abuse. Featuring counterbalanced adjustable springs that help raise and lower the units with minimal effort.