SafeRack’s New GX Gangway

Introducing the revolutionary new gangway from SafeRack. Light as a feather to lift, solid as a rock.

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The #1 selling Gangway in North America.

Another industry first – The GX Gangway uses Retractalok power-assist technology so operators can raise or lower effortlessly with no manual lifting required

With repetitive strain injuries topping the list of liabilities reported by employers across the globe, SixAxis has rolled out an innovative new solution to mitigate the need for manual lifting while loading or unloading. The GX Gangway uses Retractalok power-assist technology so operators can lift and lower the gangway with the push of a foot pedal and the simple pull of a rope. A primary and secondary auto-lock feature prevents operator error while loading and ensures safety in any position. The GX is the next generation in SafeRack’s gangway technology, improving productivity and throughput while enhancing safety for workers in the loading industry.

Revolutionary Power Assist System

Lift, Lower & Lock in any position automatically

Power assist system makes it simple & safe to lift or lower

Retractalok power assist eliminates heavy lifting while also addressing gangway springs failure by removing the springs altogether. Lift or lower easily with the press of the foot pedal or pull of the rope switch. The automatic locking feature keeps operators safe in any position and eliminates the possibility of overriding the gangway or cage safety systems while the operator is on top of the railcar or truck.

Powered Lift & lower system

Improved ergonomics eliminate back strain for healthier employees and a safer workplace.

Positive locking system

Protects drivers and operators by automatically locking in any position.

Plug and Play

Factory Installed, pre-set and calibrated for fast and easy installation.

Multiple Power Options

Retractalok can be powered by pneumatic, electric, and solar options.

Patent Pending

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