Industrial Safety Gates

Variable width Industrial swing gate that's easy to install, adjustable, and OSHA complaint

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Our experts simplify the complex

YellowGate, SafeRack’s industrial safety gate is the most flexible product on the market.

Variable Width Industrial Swing Gate

With YellowGate’s 20 inches of adjustability and universal mounting system, you can protect every passway in your facility WITH ONE SKU. No measuring our mounting guesswork, simply count the number of openings and place your order.

YellowGate Adjustable Industrial Safety Gates

  • Adjusts from 16″ to 36″
  • Mounts anywhere with no additional parts needed
  • Field adjustable with no cutting, welding or drilling

Universal Mount

Mounts anywhere, no additional parts needed

Inline mounting covers openings from 19.625” to 36“.
Perpendicular mounting covers openings from 16″ to 32.625″

OSHA Compliant

Meets and exceeds all fall protection standards,
including US OSHA 1910.29, 1910.23, and EN ISO 14122.
1910.29 (Walking-Working Surfaces Standard)
1910.23 (Guarding Floor & Wall Openings & Holes)

One SKU Fits All Openings

Order a pallet for your facility today!
Industrial Swing Gate Pallet

Adjustable Swing Direction

The Malbec Tensioner eliminates the need for a swing gate’s most common failure point, the spring. The patent-pending system provides field adjustable tension and maintenance-free closure, every time.

YellowGate’s universal swing further reduces complexity and allows you to re-purpose gates as required. Change swing direction by adjusting a few bolts. Other swing gates require flipping parts or changing mounting positions, and limiting flexibility. YellowGate opens to a maximum angle of 108 degrees.

Easily Adjust Swing Tension

SafeRack designed YellowGate to be the longest-lasting industrial safety gate on the market. To help us meet this goal we identified the most common failure point in most self-closing industrial safety gates; the spring. Our solution to broken and worn out springs is the patent-pending Malbec adjustable tensioner.

The Malbec tensioner allows users to easily adjust the opening resistance. This kind of easy adjustment is vital to working in volatile outdoor environments with high wind or in environments where a gate is used in many different applications with different safety requirements.

Yellowgate swing gate hardware

No Additional Parts To Order

Each swing gate includes stainless aluminum mounting and hardware kit along with a tension adjustment tool to make installation fast and easy.