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Project Profile - Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards

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“Time is money and money is time, and ErectaStep helped us with both.”

– Allen Ward, Saint Paul Mountain Vineyard

Although many of our customers are in large-scale industrial sectors, we also provide access solutions for food and beverage industries like wineries, breweries, and distilleries. When St. Paul Mountain Vineyard in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina was ready to add winemaking to their business model, they toured other wineries to glean all the information they could about how to build a safe and efficient production facility.

Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards
Hendersonville, NC
ErectaStep stair and catwalk installation to access fermentation tanks.
Fermenting wine

With 10,000 square feet of space to work with and more than a dozen fermentation tanks to install, a thoughtful access plan would be crucial to the success of the operation. No less significant was a high-end, refined design that would enhance the look of the facility. Unlike projects in the manufacturing and industrial sector, this installation needed a certain aesthetic that would appeal to wine enthusiasts visiting the property. Special events, wine tastings, and tours are routine for St. Paul Mountain Vineyard, so looks topped the priority list.

High-quality, corrosion-resistant components were essential and flexibility in design was a non-starter. Our ErectaStep sales rep was ready with a customized design that could easily be reconfigured as production grew. Owner Allen Ward knew that most facilities have tanks that can’t easily be moved so a versatile catwalk access system was just the solution he was looking for. The pristine look of the winery was matched by a unique, upscale powder coating on the platforms, treads, and towers to match the clean, simple aesthetic of the facility. Lightweight, all-aluminum platforms complete the look while making installation a smooth, easy process.

The pristine look of the winery was also matched by a unique, upscale powder coating on the platforms, treads, and towers to match the clean, simple aesthetic of the facility.

“We couldn’t believe how quickly the install went,” explained Ward. “I’ve seen a lot in the wine industry and working with ErectaStep was such a pleasant surprise.” Ward was also struck by the economically competitive pricing. “Time is money and money is time, and ErectaStep helped us with both.”

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