Agricultural Loading & Inspection Platform

Gangway, Safety Cage, and Loading Platform Installation for Marcus Construction

Agricultural Loading & Inspection Platform

For the past six decades, Minnesota-based Marcus Construction has earned an unmatched reputation across the country for their design-build services for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and bulk storage construction.

One of Marcus’ agricultural customers needed to install a gangway, safety cage, and loading platform that would also serve as a catwalk to inspect hopper truck trailers. SafeRack was able to provide a custom solution — despite the installation being trickier than expected.

The client needed to load product into multiple compartments on trucks via large overhead conveyors. In order to do so, however, the gangway (What’s a Gangway? Learn here) would have to be positioned in a modified stored position that would allow for it to track while, at the same time, missing the conveyors. We place a premium on customer service and our ability to respond quickly when customers face installation obstacles.

“SafeRack was made aware (of the situation) right away and instructed us on a site solution in a couple of hours,” says Joel Nieuwbeerta, Pre-Construction Project Manager at Marcus Construction. “Though this was a small inconvenience to site weld, SafeRack was responsive and helpful through the entire process.”

SafeRack is committed to customer service. We were honored to help Marcus with its custom loading solution. How can we help you?

What is a Gangway?