SafeRack Simplifies Grounding & Monitoring

  • Ground controllers — ensure ground before product flow
  • Explosion-proof enclosures — meet or exceed UL, CSA and Ex requirements
  • Overfill prevention — can be integrated for maximum safety

SafeRack is proud to carry Smart/Tech, Newson Gale and Civacon ground verification and monitoring products. Our out-of-the-box solution ensures your truck is properly grounded before loading begins, protecting your employees and property from accidents caused by static sparks.

Smart Technologies LLC was created out of a desire to incorporate smart proven technology that would bring a multitude of additional benefits to operators around the world. Until now, this level of technology has not been available. Essentially, we wanted to provide a different and better way to service the truck and railcar transport industry.

Newson Gale
Newson Gale has been developing industry-standard grounding systems for over 30 years. SafeRack is proud to partner with such a respected safety brand and carry many of its products (including its award-winning Earth-Rite series).

Civacon is a branch of OPW Global specializing in grounding and monitoring safety products. Its product set compliments that of Smart/Tech and Newson Gale, allowing SafeRack to offer a comprehensive suite of grounding and monitoring solutions.

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Fred Damuth

Industry Expert