Truck Loading Gangway With Fall Protection

Tracking gangways replace double-sided truck loading platforms to access Frac Sandboxes

Ft Collins, CO
Replace damaged gangways and retrofitted terminals for improved throughput
SafeRack Self Adjusting Stair (SAS) tracking gangways

Halliburton was not satisfied with the response time and customer service from their previous loading platform vendor for its frac sand loading terminals. Upon inspection, Regional Account Manager Tripp Haywood noticed that operators using the existing double-sided truck loading platforms were at risk. Production at their frac sand loading facility was also compromised by faulty systems and damaged gangways used to access the frac sandbox trailers.

Halliburton had an immediate safety and productivity need but wasn’t in a position to commit to a large scale project. Our retrofitted tracking gangway was the perfect solution knowing they’d return for future business if our products and service were satisfactory.


The terminal manager indicated that although a complete replacement of all frac sand loading lanes would be ideal, the current budget wouldn’t allow it. A solution was proposed immediately, and SafeRack modified two Self Adjusting Stair (SAS) tracking gangways with safety cages to fit the damaged platforms for tanker trucks provided by the previous vendor. A strategic plan was developed to upgrade the access gangways as funds would allow.

Thanks to our quick response time, efficient delivery, and strategic long-range plan, we’ve earned another long-term customer.

SafeRack’s Self-Adjusting Stair (SAS) GangwaysLearn More

Built to articulate and self-level, SafeRack’s SAS gangways are designed to accommodate various vehicles’ varying heights when loading frac sandboxes. They’re designed to last, even in the most challenging environments.

With a one-piece stair design, welds are reduced, and failures are virtually eliminated. Despite being extremely rugged, our SAS gangways are easy to use, as the spring counterbalance requires minimal effort. As was the case in this Halliburton Frac Sand Loading project, the self-adjusting stair gangways can easily be retrofitted to replace your old, unsafe gangways.