Handrail System – SafeRack Teams Up with NALCO for Industrial Safety Handrail System

SafeRack teamed up with Nalco to design an industrial safety handrail system. The primary concern of Nalco was the safety of its employees. They needed a system that was safe and easy to operate. SafeRack built a customized handrail system that is compliant with OSHA requirements and is extremely easy to operate. In addition, the system is also adjustable, bolts could be taken apart and cage can be moved in and out to adjust accordingly.

Heading down to Nalco in Freeport Texas today to take a look at a Safe closure for iso trucks we installed earlier this year. 

This division of Nalco is in the energy services division. We primarily make raw materials that go to other plants. A lot of our products are used for offshore platforms.

We receive lot of our raw material in tank trucks some of which we get in or in Isotainers. We had a special need for this facility when it was built to be able to access the type of top of isotainers to be able to safely unload the material into our storage tank. Another objective that we had not only for the safety of operability but the safety of the employees was to be able to have them access the top of these containers without having the cumbersome addition of being a 100 percent tied off. 

What the operator had to do was put on a harness and attach it to an SRL and tie off so they asked us if we can come up with something, design something that would encompass both connection points that would be very simple to operate. We came up with the safe closure which is a manual operation and it’s very simple to use. It gives them complete coverage over the OSHA requirements; 42 inch height, you lower it down into position the gangway lowers down on to the safe closure and then the operator is able to walk out onto the isotainer. 

SafeRack was very responsive with their engineering group and their sales force and actually coming to the plant, working with our engineering individuals, with our operations personnel to identify not only what the needs were but coming up with a workable, viable, cost-effective solution to meet our needs. 

What makes this unit unique is that we can design build to any specifications. This one happened to be for the Isotainer. They have a floor so we designed this cage structure so when it’s lower down and meets isotainer there is no gaps. 

What’s also unique about this unit is we have adjustment capabilities in the field so we can take the bolts apart, move the cage in or out to adjust accordingly. Safety is definitely number one at Nalco. All of our operations, all of our projects take safety in the consideration. It’s the number one priority. If it’s not safe, we don’t do it. 

They were very proactive in this to make it safer and more user-friendly for the operator.