Week of Making

A Celebration of Innovation

White House “Week of Making” is June 17-23

America loves to make things. Our history is filled with creative, innovative individuals who constantly remind us that progress is always possible. The White House’s Week of Making is held annually to support and celebrate the diversity of American makers, both big and small.

“Makers and builders and doers — of all ages and backgrounds — have pushed our country forward, developing creative solutions to important challenges and proving that ordinary Americans are capable of achieving the extraordinary when they have access to the resources they need,” said President Obama during last year’s event.

The Week of Making is part of the government’s Nation of Makers initiative, launched in 2014. The initiative emphasizes the importance of incorporating science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) into all levels of education. These learning experiences help future makers and manufacturers solve problems by turning their creative ideas into realistic outcomes. Learn more about the Week of Making events and exhibitions and connect with other makers.

SafeRack is proud to be a part of the American maker movement. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies into our own manufacturing processes, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Our innovative products also help to safeguard and protect other makers and builders around the world. There might be just seven days in the national Week of Making, but at SafeRack, solving safety challenges is something we do every day.

We can help you achieve the extraordinary — safely. Contact SafeRack today and let’s make something together.