Hopper car loading facility – ErectaStep metal stair installation

ErectaStep metal stair installation at a hopper car loading facility

metal stair installation at a hopper car loading facility

In working with this customer on safe access for hopper car loading, we found out they also needed quite a bit of FRP grating, stairs and other items due to the highly corrosive product

We were able to partner with Ultra Fiberglass Systems for all the FRP on this project, and include this in our scope of work for easy project management.

From staircases to treads, to grating, gangway, lifeline – SafeRack engineering worked with the customer, contractor, and end-user to ensure the right material was used at each location.

Hopper railcars feature an open-top, where a product is loaded. After loading, the top is covered to protect the product while it is transported from destination to destination.

The floor of a hopper railcar is sloped, allowing the product inside to be unloaded through doors at the bottom using gravity.

Most applications and situations where cement is loaded into a hopper car have space restrictions where creatively and specifically engineered solutions are required. Hopper car vehicles are the highest of all bulk carrying rolling stock. These heights would exacerbate injuries if a worker were to fall.