Hydraulic Flatbed Truck Platform

Hydraulic Powered Flatbed Truck Platform Installation – Coastal Chemical

This Coastal Chemical installation in Houston, Texas, is for tying down and tarping dry bulk bags or super sacks on flatbed trailers.

Installed at Coastal Chemical, this solution aids the flatbed truck operator to safely secure and tarp dry bulk bags or super sacks for transport. Using the RollaStep MP Series mobile platforms, a hydraulic system automatically positions the platforms alongside the flatbed trailer, giving the operator safe and easy access to secure the load. Because the platforms are on both sides and extend the flatbed trailer’s full length, the operator has plenty of room to safely tarp and strap down a payload.

The hydraulic automation safely secures platforms alongside a flatbed trailer, helping to mitigate shortcuts or unsafe practices the operator may take to secure the load. It also increases throughput and is excellent for quick-turn operations, getting trucks in and out of the facility – ideally suited for high volume operations.

A safety indicator light is used to signal the operator when it’s safe to pull in or depart the area. The indicator and bollards protect the equipment from early departure damage or driver errors.

RollaStep mobile platforms are OSHA compliant and can be easily customized to fit site-specific applications and requirements. When needed, the platform (with its large 8-in casters) can be easily and safely positioned by a single operator.

SafeRack Can provide a turn-key flatbed loading solution.

SafeRack’s experts have a long history of designing loading and unloading vehicle solutions and can provide a fully engineered, custom solution for any facility. This installation was created and installed as a turn-key solution. Using RollaStep mobile platforms allows one operator the ability to tarp a fully loaded flatbed trailer in 15 minutes or less. Most importantly, it enables operation without climbing onto the truck or load, eliminating potentially unsafe working conditions.

Whether your project requires an off the shelf product or a completely custom design, we set out to make a better and safer flatbed loading solution. Our engineer’s priorities are safety and simplicity. SafeRack can supply tarping solutions with an overhead tarp spreader bar for interior applications, to further simplify securing the load at multiple locations, to eliminate boom swing and tarp twisting that are typical in other systems. Some solutions and requirements include lifeline and fall arrest systems. 

These simple design decisions make the SafeRack truck tarping system the safest, most efficient way to tarp trucks on the market.

flatbed truck loading and tarping overview

Mobile Work Platforms By RollaStep.

The Rollastep MP Series’ (mobile work platform) design creates the stability of a fixed platform, but with the versatility of a rolling stair mobile unit. A large work platform area can securely and safely accommodate multiple operators, their equipment, and parts. 

The powder-coated handrails, a full size 45° rise stair stringer, and standard width and depth steps meet OSHA specifications for mobile work platforms. At the same time, the lightweight aluminum construction allows for single user mobility.

RollaStep’s platforms use in conjunction with a Cable Fall Protection System is the industry’s safest solution.

Whether you’re complying with General Industry (OSHA 1910), Maritime (OSHA 1915) or Construction (OSHA 1926) requirements, SafeRack’s cable lifeline fall protection system is a lightweight, shock-absorbing horizontal fall protection system designed for use in railcar and truck tank container loading and unloading applications. The SafeRack cable system can adapt to any working environment to provide operators with OSHA-compliant fall protection that won’t interfere with their work.


Optional removable handrails give the MP series mobile work platform unparalleled adaptability, like removing railing on one side to access a flatbed trailer. From truck loading to aviation ground support

Each handrail slides securely in and out of its retaining sleeve without tools, allowing operators to reconfigure the platform while in the field.