cement barge gangway

SafeRack Partners with LafargeHolcim to Keep Employees, Contractors, and the Community Safe Using a Cement Barge Gangway

LafargeHolcim is a world leader in the cement industry and the largest producer in the United States, so it’s no surprise that SafeRack’s cement barge gangway was the product they needed to keep production running safely and efficiently. Like SafeRack, their strong company values ensure the health and safety of their employees, contractors, and community members so the partnership our two companies have maintained for years is a natural fit. Like SafeRack, LafargeHolcim believes in putting customers first. They pride themselves on their ability to provide the cutting-edge building solutions their clients need. SafeRack has provided safety solutions for their truck gangways and platforms and has even created customized products such as safety cages.   

Marine Access and Loading Solutions

As soon as Brad Lamberton, their designated SafeRack representative became aware of a new need, he sprung into action. LafargeHolcim’s Weirton, West Virginia facility was in the market for a marine gangway to sit on a dock and provide access to a work barge. Our friends at LafargeHolcim report that they were not initially aware of SafeRack’s marine solutions, but were not at all surprised. Explains Lamberton, “When LafargeHolcim decided to upgrade to a new system for unloading products off of the barges they knew that SafeRack would meet their expectations without fail.” SafeRack engineers swiftly created a customized system that could adjust to the weather and the seasons. “We’re really pleased with this one,” says Lamberton. “The marine gangway we created uses a secondary counterweight system to allow for elevation changes on the barge due to wakes or river elevation changes.”

Not only do we offer custom solutions, but MarinaStep also offers three specific gangway styles to assure marine users safe access solutions to fit their different, unique sites and operating conditions: the Self-Adjusting Stair, Stage Series and Truss Series.

Another successful cement barge gangway collaboration we feel especially proud of. SafeRack works to ensure a seamless process. the decreased bioavailability of the drug (from 41% to 25%); increase in metabolism, causing the pill not to act in an hour, and later; We’re committed to customer service—we listen, we ask the right questions, and we’re onsite throughout the process.