Agrochemical loading facility in the Rockies

MaxRack Elevating Fall Prevention Safety Cages.

Another successful installation on not 1, 2 or 3…… but 9 elevating safety cages for an Agrochemical client in the Rockies. Installation went smoothly without a hitch…. just waiting on the liquid railcars to arrive to start unloading.

Loading Agrochemicals

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  • Many standard cage configurations available
  • Units available for both truck and railcar applications
  • The counterweighted design allows for smaller, less expensive drive components
  • Pneumatic or electric motor drive options
  • Off the shelf replacement parts available quickly & easily
  • Robust galvanized steel columns and carriage
  • Patent-pending manual override or raise/ lower in case of power or air pressure loss

More on MaxRack Elevating Safety Cage
The new MaxRack powered elevating handrail system is the only elevating safety cage on the market that can be raised and lowed manually if your facility loses power or plant air. The unique counterbalanced cage design coupled with our exclusive dual input gearbox enables smooth operation and the operator’s ability to manually raise and lower the cage with ease in the event of a power loss.

MAXRack elevating safety cage
MAXRack elevating safety cage