Loading Arm Operation & Maintenance Training

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Loading Arm Operation & Maintenance

2-Day Courses: March 26-27 & March 28-29
$950/per person | Andrews, South Carolina

This two-day, comprehensive training course combines classroom and in-plant instruction for Loading Arm Operation & Maintenance. Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to increase safety, reduce risk, retain critical staff, and improve overall performance at your facility.

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Increase safety, reduce risk, and improve performance at your facility.

Course Information

Training modules include:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Operating & maintaining loading platforms
  • Loading arm selection & design
  • Loading arm technology
  • Loading arm component repair
  • HSE issues when working at heights

Training materials created by:

  • Skilled professionals from around the globe
  • Industry-specific engineers and technical experts
  • Thought leaders in operator safety and productivity in durable end-markets

Suitable for:

  • HSE Supervisors, Team Leaders & Managers
  • Plant Maintenance Supervisors, Team Leaders & Managers
  • Truck Loading Operators
  • Terminal Operators & Managers
  • Plant Design & Production Engineers
  • Liquid Chemical Plant Operators
  • Railcar Loading Operators
Classroom instruction includes:

  • Loading arm design and accessory considerations
  • Fixed, variable, boom, parallel, jacketed/heated
  • Top & bottom loading/unloading
  • Materials of construction
  • Swivel joint designs
  • Seal materials
  • Balance mechanisms
  • Power options
  • Closed and open fill
  • Grounding & overfill
  • Inspection

In-plant instruction includes:

  • Loading rack safety
  • Loading arm operation & handling
  • Visual inspection guide
  • Swivel joint inspection & maintenance
  • Torsion & linear spring balance system inspection & maintenance
  • API coupler inspection & maintenance
  • Break-away & dry disconnect couplings
  • Seal replacement in-situ

Certificate of Achievement Upon Completion

Comprehensive, hands-on training with the latest technology in durable end-markets

World-class training courses combine classroom and in-plant instruction for operators, facility managers, sales professionals, and distributors. Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to implement our diverse products while increasing safety, reducing risk, retaining critical staff, and improving overall performance at their facilities. Long-term expert support and Certificates of Achievement available upon completion of all courses.


  • Loading Arm Operation & Maintenance – 4008
  • Access Gangway Operation & Maintenance – 4009
  • Multi-Hatch Top Loading Applications – 4010
  • General Terminal Loading Safety – 4011