Truck Single Hatch Access Platform with Gangway for Truck Scales

This SafeRack single hatch access platform with gangway and safety cage was installed by our SafeRack construction services team in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa. The access stair, platform, and gangway was designed to work with customers existing truck scale and gives workers access to the top of trucks for testing levels or sampling product for incoming or outgoing deliveries.

Single Hatch Access Platform with Gangway

This SafeRack hatch access systems, platform, and gangway systems consists of single pedestal platform, gangway, metal staircase, and fall prevention cage to prevent falls when workers access the top of single-dome tank and bulk trucks. All of SafeRack’s single hatch access platform and gangway systems can be attached to an existing single pedestal platform, access stairway, and access equipment and we can install the entire unit. A four-column support design is also available with integrated loading arm support.

SafeRack is the #1 selling Gangway in North America and our access and loading systems are more ergonomic and last longer. Tested in the most critical applications, these loading platform gangways outperform all others in the market. In addition to multiple lengths, our gangways can be customized to your needs and are available in 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″ and 72″ widths. Adding fall protection cages is easy, and customized designs are available to meet difficult applications.