Gondola Railcar Access for Loading Prilled Sulfur

A customer required access into open-top gondola railcars used for transporting prilled sulfur. With a lightweight—yet heavy-duty—aluminum SafeRack SAS Gangway, facility workers are able to access the railcars in the prilled sulfur loading process, improving safety, and productivity.

loading sulfur prill into gondola railcars

A customer required proper gondola railcar access for loading prilled sulfur. Our partners in Canada, Northern Platforms, was able to quickly design and provide exactly what they needed.

Built with lightweight—yet heavy-duty—aluminum, our SafeRack SAS Gangway helps facilities protect their workers in the loading of prilled sulfur and, in turn, increase productivity. The gangway that Northern Platforms installed enhanced and streamlined the facility’s loading capabilities.

The wet sulfur prilling process is fairly complex. Molten sulfur is pumped onto perforated trays which channel it into an agitated water bath via narrow streams. As the sulfur streams contact the cool water, low-moisture pellets form which remain in suspension long enough harden into a uniform, spherical shape.

Gravity pulls the solid prills to the bottom of the prill tank, and then to high-frequency dewatering screens. The cooling water and undersized prills recovered from the screens fall to a settling tank where the prills are removed via a screw conveyor. These prills can then be remelted or merged with the final product on the collector conveyor.

Water pumps mounted on the settling tank send the process water back to the prill tank via a water-cooled heat exchanger that removes the heat produced by the liquid sulfur. Product-quality prills are then discharged onto a belt conveyor for transport. Sulfur is commonly loaded into railcars, barges or trucks for transporting

Since 2017, Northern Platforms has been SafeRack’s exclusive distributor for the Alberta and British Columbia regions of Canada. Their dedication to quality and attention to detail on this project mirrors our organizations’ mutual mission to put our customers and the safety of their employees first.