Modular Platform System Crossover

Here is another successful Erectastep project completed by the Banks Industrial Group. Pictured is a new custom Portable OSHA modular work Platform located at a loading dock in Chatsworth, NJ. There was also railing modifications made to the entry landing to accept new platform and divert traffic. -LH

Most companies can use a new work platform or a better crossover in their operations to bring OSHA compliance up to par. Taking a good look at old installations then Installing a safety platform using a modular platform system is easy, quick, and OSHA Compliant when you use ErectaStep platform systems.

You can have an ErectaStep design and consultation today and the components will be on their way to your site.

The ErectaStep modular safety platform gives your company peace of mind because the quality engineered components are made in the USA of solid industrial grade metal that bolt together easily to create a modular work platform, or safety crossover that is reliable, good for your workers and instantly OSHA compliant.

Installing a metal stair system or a fixed ladder system to an access platform is a small project that is measured in hours not days. Most installations can be put in rapidly. A good proactive Safety Manager can arrange installation to minimize any line disruption, tagouts, and foot traffic flow stoppage. There are minimum tools required and most jobs can be done with just two people.

All of the High Quality ErectaStep components bolt together creating a solid modular platform that can be built to any size or height that you need.

Calling Saferack gets the ball rolling! Put our expertise to use! Together we can plan a perfect access platform, elevated work platform or crossover point by using the ErectaStep modular platform system. Using components that are quality engineered and manufactured to rigid standards, with thousands of hours of field testing is a win for your company. Thousands of companies use ErectaStep platform systems and they come back for more. Safety peace of mind is at hand.

Saferack makes the serious business of worker safety easy for you to enhance.