Overhead Rigid Rail Fall Protection Installation

Overhead Rigid Rail Fall Protection Installation at an Indiana plant that wholesales and distributes industrial chemicals, oils, surfactants, and plasticizers.

Overhead Rigid Rail Fall Protection

Barton Solvents Inc, the facility the fall protection is installed at serves paint, ink, coating, cosmetic, industrial, cleaner, plastic & rubber, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and lubricant industries in the United States.

Overhead Rigid Rail Fall Protection

Overhead rigid rail systems provide the highest degree of mobility and safety in fall protection. The system is designed to prevent its user from falling a long distance if the worker should slip while traversing the top of vehicles. While the rigid rail system does not prevent falls, when properly used, it limits the distance a user can fall to less than two feet.

Key Features of Overhead Rigid Rail Fall Protection

  • Continuous lateral fall protection coverage along the full length of the system
  • Reduced chances of a swing fall while working at elevated surfaces
  • Total maximum fall distance of fewer than two feet
  • Versatile selection of both permanent and portable fall protection
  • Larger spans in foundational supports compared to cable lifeline systems
  • Easy and quick connection for workers
  • Can support multiple users simultaneously

Depending on your facility and application needs, overhead rigid rail can be custom engineered and installed by our experts or sold as certified engineered kits that can even be installed by your own staff on site.

SafeRack’s Fall Protection solutions are designed to Keep Workers SAFE while being productive.

Whether it’s loading and unloading vehicles, pipeline valve check, aviation assembly, roof access, or industrial machine maintenance, SafeRack has a fall protection solution to keep workers safe from the 2nd leading causes of work-related injuries… falls from heights.

See below for our full range of fall protection or contact our safety experts to talk about your safety and fall protection needs.

Prevent Workplace Falls with Lifeline Cable and Arrest Systems by Saferack

Liquid cattle feed sells liquid feed for the cattle. They are employing SafeRack’s engineered solution to prevent workplace falls and are fully satisfied with it. SafeRack provides the ultimate solution to workplace falls using lifeline cables and arrest systems.

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