OSHA Compliant Metal Stair Installation

OSHA compliant front entry system installed at a job-site trailer located in Elizabeth, New Jersey

OSHA Compliant Metal Stair Installation

Erectastep offers easily customizable sturdy solutions for stairway access points.

The five-piece modular Erectastep system can be easily configured to address any stair height level adding safety, rigidity and OSHA compliance that allows a person to step up and step down with confidence. Guardrails, landing platforms, handrails, and steps can be installed to adjust to any point where safe access is required.

Each metal stair system is designed to comply with the OSHA requirements regarding length of stair, depth of the stair, and weight-bearing levels. The diamond treaded pattern resists tough weather challenges and they clean easily.

ANSII yellow guardrails are set to compliant heights and strengths. The paint job is a “no shortcut” powder-coated ANSII which holds up well to the elements and other abuse. Your rails will hold their vibrant color for many years.

All the Erectastep elements in the system are made from high-grade materials. The steps, handrails and landing platforms are solid and made in the USA to meet all OSHA standards. We have taken no shortcuts when it comes to the safety of your workers.

Easy installation, versatility, high-quality materials, and OSHA compliance make Erectastep the right choice for any industrial stair application. mlee